About us

The Eliotis Perle project was born from our passion for the East and as a result of exploratory travels in the heart of pearl culturing zones. And from here our beautiful adventure began.

Our jewellery, customisations and restyling projects stem from our creativity and professionalism. What differentiates us from the mass market is our targeted search for pearls, which are exclusively suitable for each project, concept and design.

We work with freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls with their unmistakable purple or aubergine colour, as well as the most luxurious Australian or Asian “South Sea” pearls, predominantly white or light yellow in colour.

We import pearls directly from farms and this not only allows us to be highly competitive with our prices for the rarest pearls, but above all, enables us to choose and select the finest product quality.


Our technical evaluation service for pearls and certification, allow us, unlike our competitors, to provide uniqueness and peace of mind.

Eliotis Perle takes advantage of the services of an expert gemmologist specialising in pearls and accredited by CISGEM (Italian Gemmological Institute). We are able to recognise, evaluate and certify any type of pearl, whether it be natural, cultured or an imitation.



An engineer, foremost expert and enthusiast of pearls as well as musician and sailor in his free time. He is our accredited gemmologist.  Through his collaboration with Eliotis Perle, he supports activities relating to the analysis and certification of our jewellery.

Daniele ed Elisa - Eliotis Perle


I am the owner of the company, a graduate from the Italian school of design and avid enthusiast of cooking. With my spirit of creative design, I customise and make decisions whilst always keeping customer needs and current market trends in mind.

Eliotis services for you

Jewellery customisation

Learn how to breathe new life into your pearl jewellery piece or how to customise pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, charms and cufflinks. Eliotis Perle is at your complete disposal for advise and assistance in producing your made-to-measure jewellery, with the most original pearl creations.

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Analysis and pearl certification

Eliotis Perle offers an analysis and technical evaluation service for loose pearls or pearl jewellery pieces, complete with gemmological certificate. Our creations are also accompanied by a quality certificate to guarantee every purchase.

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Pearl jewellery collection

The artistic soul of Eliotis Perle is mainly concentrated on the creation of pearl jewellery pieces that are truly unique, not only because of our prudent search for the most precious gems, but also because of our extreme flexibility in the design of the requested jewellery piece, with the single objective of satisfying your every need.

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