The Eliotis pearl jewellery collection

Artisanal jewellery with certified pearls

All of our artisanal jewellery collections are born from the elegance and iridescent soul of women.

Each Eliotis pearl jewellery creation is strictly certified for its quality as well as its production methods, 100% artisanal and made in Italy.

We produce our jewellery with Japanese Akoya pearls, black Tahitian pearls, Australian South Sea and freshwater pearls combined with precious materials such as gold or silver.

  • Luxury line: a collection of luxury jewellery for the woman who likes to wear an elegant pearl jewellery piece. Highly-prized jewellery for classy and successful women who are not afraid to show it off.
  • Romantic line: pearl rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the woman who loves to wear a delicate pearl jewellery piece. A collection of handmade jewellery that alludes tenderness and kindness.
  • Cosmos line: a precious collection of sparkling and coloured pearls for the vibrant woman who lives a life full of emotions and longs for expressive jewellery, with character.
  • Rock line: pearl necklaces and bracelets (but not only) for the woman without prejudice, who adores jeans but is not afraid to show off a pair of 5 inch heels.
  • Pearl rings

    Rings with Eliotis pearls are distinguished by their simplicity and elegance. These are artisanal jewellery pieces crafted in gold, natural pearls and embellished by diamonds. Perfect for any style, our rings with pearls are capable of enriching a daytime outfit, but their class also makes them ideal for evening wear.

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  • Pearl earrings

    Earrings with pearl pendants and butterflies, or the timeless fish hook pearls. Eliotis Perle have a wide range of earrings that perfectly match all of our collections of pearl bracelets, rings and necklaces, celebrating the elegance and smile of every woman.

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  • Pearl bracelets

    Bracelets with Eliotis pearls are a true journey inside the world of freshwater and salt water pearls. From the classic models to the more vibrant and colourful, they are an artisanal jewellery piece that never goes out of fashion.

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  • Pearl necklaces

    Pearl necklaces come in a wide variety of styles. They can be a simple and elegant single string of pearls or a more sophisticated necklace, or even the traditional pearl necklace: but all bestow a feeling of pure elegance on every woman.

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  • Pendants with pearls

    The simple gold and pearl pendant represents everyday elegance. This is the forever perfect pearl jewellery piece. Like a drop of water, the pearl charm sums up the ideal of feminine beauty, embellishing the neckline.

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  • Pearl cufflinks

    Pearl jewellery is perfect for everyone because pearls are a symbol of timeless elegance. For this reason we have decided to create our pearl cufflinks for shirts. They add a real splash of style, suitable for the more formal occasion but also for embellishing a simple white shirt.

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  • Wedding jewels and accessories

    In planning your dream wedding it is necessary to incorporate personal touches, Eliotis can contribute to make your day unique tailoring precious jewels and accessories.

Eliotis services for you

Jewellery customisation

Learn how to breathe new life into your pearl jewellery piece or how to customise pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, charms and cufflinks. Eliotis Perle is at your complete disposal for advise and assistance in producing your made-to-measure jewellery, with the most original pearl creations.

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Analysis and pearl certification

Eliotis Perle offers an analysis and technical evaluation service for loose pearls or pearl jewellery pieces, complete with gemmological certificate. Our creations are also accompanied by a quality certificate to guarantee every purchase.

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Pearl jewellery collection

The artistic soul of Eliotis Perle is mainly concentrated on the creation of pearl jewellery pieces that are truly unique, not only because of our prudent search for the most precious gems, but also because of our extreme flexibility in the design of the requested jewellery piece, with the single objective of satisfying your every need.

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